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I will be by your side on your journey to healing and transformation

Empowering people to live

authentic and fulfilled lives

Hello, my name is Annelise and I run a practice with core values of compassion, empowerment and inclusion.

I practice in Herne Bay and online.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

and of the Association of Christians in Counselling (ACC).



I am an integrative therapist, which means I will adapt the way I work with you to your specific needs.  I have a particular interest working with relationships and self-worth issues.


                My commitment to you during our time together will be:

  • to treat you with compassion

  • to be authentic in my relationship with you

  • to accept you unconditionally

  • to work towards empowering you in achieving your therapeutic goals

                      I will hold a safe and confidential space for you and will support you in your process of becoming the best version of you.

When we are willing to risk venturing into the wilderness, and even becoming our own wilderness, we feel the deepest connection to our true self and to what matters the most.

                                                                             Brene Brown

What I offer

Why therapy?

Each client brings their own experiences and motivations to therapy. Perhaps you want to understand the things that trigger you, change your behaviour, improve your relationships or explore your identity and what brings meaning and joy to your life.  Perhaps you have noticed certain patterns keep coming back in your life and you want to find a way to change this. Taking time and space to reflect, and feeling fully heard by a supportive, understanding and committed therapist can be immensely beneficial.

How I work

I am a professionally qualified and BACP and ACC registered Integrative Psychotherapist.  I work, either in person or on-line, in a person-centred, integrative, inclusive and relational way:

  • As a Person-Centred therapist, I believe the answers to your questions lie within you, as does your capacity to grow.  I will listen with empathy and will have an unconditional positive regard towards you. I will bring my whole genuine self in our therapeutic relationship. 

  • As an Integrative therapist, I am formally trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches (including art therapy and outdoor or 'Walk & Talk' Therapy).  I believe each client has different needs and I will draw on approaches flexibly, as we both feel is appropriate to your needs.

  • As an Inclusive therapist, I strive to work in a way that welcomes and affirms people with disabilities, and all ethnicities, spiritualities, sexualities and genders.

  • As a Relational therapist I will help you become more aware of the past experiences and patterns of behavior that prevent you from developing healthy relationships, and will help you develop the skills you need to improve your relationships.

Whatever you bring to the sessions, I am committed to working in an empathic, non-judgemental and professionally informed way to support you.

Cost per session

£45 for 50 minutes

£40 for trainee counsellors

First session FREE (online) to help you decide :)


The curious paradox is that when I accept myself,
just as I am, then I can change.

Carl Rogers

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